CAPE 82: The Only Podcast That Matters Sums Up 2015

In order to best recount the year that was 2015, Chris reunites with the original members of The Only Podcast That Matters for their first new recording since they disbanded in 2014.  Andrew Rizzitello, Ryan Taggart and Jack DeFranco join Chris in reflecting on hot button topics like the death of Cecil the Lion, the cases against Bill Cosby and Jared from Subway, worldwide terrorist attacks, Donald Trump’s presidential bid, and the legalization of gay marriage.  They also pick apart dopey stuff like hoverboards, the outbreak of phony rage, the pounce generation and poor internet grammar.  Finally, it wouldn’t be a TOPTM annual recap without the classic segment “Dead People.”  Share this episode with the ones you love.  Continue reading

CAPE: The Best Of 2015

The Best Of 2015 is the perfect way to wrap up this first year of the weekly show.  Enjoy all the funniest chats and stories along with favorite musical performances from CAPE’s run at Skidrow Studios.  And naturally, all of your favorite regulars contribute to the mayhem – Norman, Candice, Sherrie, John and an awful lot of Chris.  Please continue to visit our sponsors to help support the show and have a Happy New Year!  Continue reading

CAPE 81: The 2015 Half-In-The-Bag Holiday Spectacular (AKA It Better Be Good)

Chris is joined by his inebriated guests Norman, Carol and Sherrie to celebrate the most important part of the holiday season – presents.  Okay, there’s some talk about family, holiday traditions, reflections on the past year and stuff like that but…yeah, presents.  Continue reading

CAPE 80: Ultimate Spam Night

Sherrie and Chris vent their frustration about the disappointment that was Ultimate Jam Night in Hollywood.  Hear how they dodged the bullet of a night gone wrong as well as how Steve Vai is helping fellow guitarist Tony MacAlpine fight cancer.  They also weight in on Oscar contenders and cartoons turned into movies.  Continue reading

CAPE 79: The Return of Rick Scarry (Part 2)

In Part 2 of their chat, Rick Scarry tells more jealousy-inducing stories about working with Clint Eastwood, Hugh Jackman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joan Cusack and many others.  He also reveals how Jim Carrey went about “finding the gold” in Liar Liar, explains why it’s important to bring what you are to your roles, and shares an incredible piece of insight director Ridley Scott told him about the casting process.  Continue reading

CAPE 78: The Return of Rick Scarry (Part 1)

Actor Rick Scarry makes his highly anticipated return to CAPE in the first episode of a two-part interview.  The guys discuss what can and cannot be found on IMDb, the appeal of playing the bad guy, and how to handle yourself after an audition.  Rick also shares his experiences of working with the Coen brothers, almost working on The Green Hornet, and the fun of knowing how to wear a suit on ScandalContinue reading

An Important Message About Holiday (and Everyday) Safety

I hope every single one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  Thanksgiving is very much an American holiday and in America, we’ll take advantage of any excuse to party.  Unfortunately, there are those among us who don’t know their limits and that can come at a fatal cost.

On Friday, our friend John Kourounis posted the following experience on Facebook.

Yesterday’s amazing Thanksgiving turned into a very heavy night.  Continue reading

Ion Displacement

I’ve spoken about my car being quite the survivor on several episodes of CAPE but sadly, vehicles don’t last forever.  Today, I posted this tribute on my Instagram:

Today I say goodbye to a great American. I bought my Saturn Ion brand new in July 2004, just a month after visiting California for the first time so in a way, this car has been a physical representation of the amount of time California has been a part of my life. Continue reading

CAPE 77: The Geek Glow with Lauren Sperling

Actress Lauren Sperling returns to the show to join Chris for an hour of geek banter.  A brief Star Wars anticipation chat leads to more important geek discussion as Lauren shares her experiences travelling to Paris, London and Wales to experience the splendor of the Harry Potter set tour at Leavesden, Disneyland Paris and The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  Continue reading

CAPE 76: The Force Enrages

As the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” draws closer, Chris’ patience wears thin with Star Wars fans and the volume of merchandise in every store, so Sherrie tries to reign his anger in.  Before that, the pair discusses the documentary “The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?” and the potential this Tim Burton-directed film had then and still has now in many ways.  Continue reading