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CAPE 99: ‘Ghostbusters’ Is Awesome and Trolls Can Suck It!

Yes, it’s all about Ghostbusters.  Chris and Sherrie talk about how they were turned on to the original classic and its spin-offs before diving into their spoiler-filled review of the 2016 film.  Sherrie shares her feelings about the racism and sexism spewed at Leslie Jones, Chris explains why continuing the franchise is a good thing, and (of course) the controversy surrounding the reboot is addressed along with the losers who have rallied against it and why they’re losers.  Continue reading

CAPE 98: Road Rageous

Chris takes this solo episode to catch up on his ranting.  If you haven’t already guessed, he has a lot to say about traffic, other drivers, pedestrians, people on bicycles and tons more.  He also addresses the continuing man-bun madness, the end of the term “sellout,” Richard Marx’s assessment of the music industry, and the trouble with classic rock radio.  Continue reading

CAPE 97: Resurrection Boogaloo with Larry Rodriguez

Filmmaker Larry Rodriguez returns to ponder the mystery of keeping the creative spark lit.  He and Chris talk about breaking through their creative roadblocks, how to define success, why everyone is on the lookout for talent and why it’s perfectly fine to work inside the box.  Continue reading

CAPE 96: One On One with Jack DeFranco

With the new series The Guide To Life now launched, Chris finishes his chats with the co-creators of The Only Podcast That Matters by having a talk with Jack.  They discuss movies (again), the best parts of the 80’s (again), how their friendship was forged at work, Jack’s initiation into the group and how everything on and off mic has led up to their reunion.  Continue reading

CAPE 95: One On One with Ryan Taggart

This week, it’s the second TOPTM creator chat to help tease the release of The Guide To Life, which starts this Friday.  Aside from bonding over their love of gummies, Ryan talks to Chris about his humble beginnings and his humble middle thus far, including his experience with The Only Podcast That Matters.  Continue reading

CAPE 94: One On One with Andrew Rizzitello

At long last, Chris sits down for an interview with The Only Podcast That Matters co-founder Andrew Rizzitello.  The pair cover many topics including the evolution of technology, how they met in high school, other highlights of their 16 year friendship and the full history of TOPTM as well as the group’s new series The Guide To Life.  Continue reading

CAPE 93: Shoot To Shrill

Chris and Sherrie decided to pack this episode with as much music talk as they could dish out!  First, they review the Generation Axe tour and the elite guitarists who dazzled audiences with endless notes.  Then it’s on to the latest version of Guns N’ Roses which sees the return of key members, how the first Axl Rose-led AC/DC concert went down, and their escalating hopes for a Van Hagar reunion.  Continue reading

CAPE 92: This Is English with Erika Lawson

Recent LA transplant Erika Lawson makes her third appearance on CAPE to further dissect the English language by testing Chris’ knowledge of southern phrases, further professing her love of “northern accents” and calling Chris out on his incorrect pronunciations.  There is also bonding over Mexican food, stupid drivers, parking trouble and the debut of a Chris impression!  Continue reading

CAPE 91: Batman V Superman V Fun

At this point, anyone who wanted to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has seen it so CAPE is happy to present a spoiler-filled review of the movie.  Jack DeFranco and Ryan Taggart open the show with their positive take on the film followed by Chris and Sherrie giving their negative review.  The heroes, the villains and the future of the DC Extended Universe will be thoroughly discussed so listen and either enjoy or indulge your nerd rage.  Continue reading

CAPE 90: Beered

In what is hardly the first alcohol-infused episode of CAPE, Andrew Rizzitello and Ryan Taggart are back to sample some new beers with Chris, who doesn’t drink beer but is curious nonetheless.  The boys educate Chris about their experiences making and exploring a variety of brews, then crack open bottles of Moonglow Weizenbock by VictoryCommemorative Ale by HitachinoAutumn Ale by Goose Island, and Right-O-Way IPA by Southern Tier and share their unfiltered (pun intended) reactions to each one. Continue reading