CAPE 57: The Rest Of Both Worlds

This week, Chris and Sherrie examine the endlessly tumultuous saga of Van Halen.  In the wake of a new tour and surprising interview with Eddie Van Halen, Chris compares the most recent live performances from the David Lee Roth-fronted band and the newly-formed Sammy Hagar and The Circle.  They also share memories of the short-lived Van Halen III era, prove Sammy’s work ethic, remember one of the best music videos in history, and rally for better album reissues. 

Sammy Hagar on The Eddie Trunk Podcast (6/18/2015)

Michael Anthony on The Eddie Trunk Podcast (9/3/2014)

Chris and his TOPTM cohorts discuss Van Halen circa 2012

Chris’ audiobook recommendation for this week is Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock by Sammy Hagar.  Get this or any audiobook of your choice for FREE by going to

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