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CAPE 19: How To Date Chris and James

Chris and James have been friends since they were eight years old, so there is no shortage of ground to cover, especially since James is a recent Jersey-to-California transplant.  The guys discuss growing up together, compare Los Angeles and New Jersey cuisine, and examine the perks and pitfalls of online dating.

CAPE 18: Shopsgetting

Thanksgiving is upon us and the holiday shopping season will officially begin this weekend so to celebrate(?), Chris reflects on his retail career and the many Black Fridays he worked over the years.  He also has quite a bit to say about out of control store hours along with another “Only In Los Angeles” and a reminder of how much time has passed in pop culture.

CAPE 17: Age and Wisdom (Or At Least One Of Them)

Another birthday has come and gone, and Chris may have more understanding and perspective about aging and the passage of time…so why not share it?  On top of that, he compares national doughnut brands, examines the lure of Starbucks, and gives you a fresh addition to “Only In Los Angeles.”

CAPE 16: Getting Slimed with John Kourounis

Host extraordinaire/actor John Kourounis joins Chris to shoot the breeze for an hour.  Chris and John chat about the perils of living at sea, being on the bottom of the Hollywood ladder, and the joys of sliming foreigners.  Yup, all the important stuff.

CAPE 15: Making Up with A Canadian

CAPE goes simultaneously international and coed in this episode as Chris welcomes Canadian makeup effects specialist Margot to the show.  Another vast array of topics are explored such as breastfeeding, NBA all-stars of old, screwed up kids, the latest “Star Trek” film, and a trip to Son of Monsterpalooza.

CAPE 14: The Creativity Panel

Chris welcomes newcomers Roger, Mario, and Grant for a panel show to discuss their ambitions to work in the arts and what drove them to come out to Los Angeles.  Before the chat, Chris recounts his surprise trip to Vegas, meeting a comedy hero, the re-release of “Running Amuck In Boston” and how to be better in public.

CAPE 13: Verbal Hopscotch with Ben Mills

Fellow voice over artist Ben Mills joins Chris for a lengthy chat about a whole host of subjects, none of which are discussed for too long.  The guys revel in cartoon geekery while also discussing the best of TV, independent film cliches, zombie fatigue, and walking out of movies.

CAPE 12: Labor Daze

You may have the day off but CAPE doesn’t!  Chris takes some time to reflect on 9/11 and follows it up with lots of praise for Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, joy about James Spader being cast as Ultron, and hope for the death of film franchises based on teen novels.

CAPE 11: A Lesson In Car Coverage (and More!)

It has been a big week and there is lot to talk about, so curl up with Chris and hear his story of seeing “The World’s End” on the same day the next Batman was announced (which also involves an unexpected automobile incident).  New fan funded projects by Ginger Wildheart and Adam Carolla have launched so Chris also fires back at critics who think artists are simply asking for donations from their fans.

CAPE 10: PodCast

With this being the tenth episode of CAPE and the week of the 150th episode of The Only Podcast That Matters, Chris spends the show talking about how he got into podcasts and how his podcasting “career” evolved.  But first, complaints will be lodged against vanity plates, old people playing the lottery, and the potential end of paper.