CAPE 89: This November, Cast Your Vote For Tacos

Since they never did a single episode about politics or a presidential election, the hosts of The Only Podcast That Matters assemble once again to discuss the circus that is this year’s race to the White House.  It’s basically a chat about exactly what you’d expect – the rise of Trump, the appeal of Bernie, the lifelong ambitions of Clinton and Cruz, and a bit about those other guys who’ve been dropping out of the race.  Yes, just another collection of poorly informed citizens deciding who’s the least worst candidate. Continue reading

CAPE 88: Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be

Jack DeFranco and Ryan Taggart are back to revisit the past with Chris, since the past is making a comeback these days.  The trio chats about the resurgence of cassettes and vinyl, the return of TV shows from their childhood like The X-Files and Fuller House, what it means to Jackpedal, and the recent trend of breathing new franchise life into older film properties.  Continue reading

CAPE 87: To Hell With The Devil, Go Jesus!

Ryan Taggart rejoins Chris to share their anticipation for the Super Bowl (AKA the end of football season).  The pair also delves into riveting topics like road safety signs, overrated entertainment, nerds choosing sides in pop culture, Stryper, and they pay respect to one of their most memorable teachers.  Continue reading

CAPE 86: East Coast Trifecta

An unexpected trip home has once again brought Chris in close proximity to his old cohorts, so he’s joined by Andrew Rizzitello and Cory Noyes to continue the conversation that never ends between them.  Cory explains the importance of the upcoming Super Bowl, all three share their anticipation for Deadpool, Andrew and Chris learn what Twitch is all about, and science fiction of many types in discussed along with recurring topics like Bob Ross and Ray Liotta.  Continue reading

CAPE 85: #OscarsSoWhat

This week sees the return of Sherrie to elaborate on the latest social media outrage #OscarsSoWhite and what race means in 2016 for entertainment and everyday life.  There’s also some clarification about current buzzwords that keep making the rounds, shared frustration with Apple updates and also some proposed etiquette for social media.  Continue reading

CAPE 84: We Could Be Heroes…

Chris takes this solo show to share memories and discuss the legacies of Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glenn Frey. He also reflects on his long stay in New Jersey, dissects the recent appeal of vinyl and cassettes, and ponders if “Star Wars” fans are happy with the franchise’s massive success.  Continue reading

CAPE 83: Up To The Elbow with Veronica Rizzitello

The Podwife AKA Veronica Rizzitello (wife of Andrew) makes her triumphant debut on CAPE.  She spends the bulk of the show giving Chris incredible details about her recent pregnancy, from the moment of conception to handling cravings to wanting to kill her husband to the insanity of her birthing experience, all peppered with Chris’ smartassery.  Continue reading

CAPE 82: The Only Podcast That Matters Sums Up 2015

In order to best recount the year that was 2015, Chris reunites with the original members of The Only Podcast That Matters for their first new recording since they disbanded in 2014.  Andrew Rizzitello, Ryan Taggart and Jack DeFranco join Chris in reflecting on hot button topics like the death of Cecil the Lion, the cases against Bill Cosby and Jared from Subway, worldwide terrorist attacks, Donald Trump’s presidential bid, and the legalization of gay marriage.  They also pick apart dopey stuff like hoverboards, the outbreak of phony rage, the pounce generation and poor internet grammar.  Finally, it wouldn’t be a TOPTM annual recap without the classic segment “Dead People.”  Share this episode with the ones you love.  Continue reading

CAPE: The Best Of 2015

The Best Of 2015 is the perfect way to wrap up this first year of the weekly show.  Enjoy all the funniest chats and stories along with favorite musical performances from CAPE’s run at Skidrow Studios.  And naturally, all of your favorite regulars contribute to the mayhem – Norman, Candice, Sherrie, John and an awful lot of Chris.  Please continue to visit our sponsors to help support the show and have a Happy New Year!  Continue reading

CAPE 81: The 2015 Half-In-The-Bag Holiday Spectacular (AKA It Better Be Good)

Chris is joined by his inebriated guests Norman, Carol and Sherrie to celebrate the most important part of the holiday season – presents.  Okay, there’s some talk about family, holiday traditions, reflections on the past year and stuff like that but…yeah, presents.  Continue reading