CAPE 82: The Only Podcast That Matters Sums Up 2015

In order to best recount the year that was 2015, Chris reunites with the original members of The Only Podcast That Matters for their first new recording since they disbanded in 2014.  Andrew Rizzitello, Ryan Taggart and Jack DeFranco join Chris in reflecting on hot button topics like the death of Cecil the Lion, the cases against Bill Cosby and Jared from Subway, worldwide terrorist attacks, Donald Trump’s presidential bid, and the legalization of gay marriage.  They also pick apart dopey stuff like hoverboards, the outbreak of phony rage, the pounce generation and poor internet grammar.  Finally, it wouldn’t be a TOPTM annual recap without the classic segment “Dead People.”  Share this episode with the ones you love. 

“Back In My Arms Again” performed by Genya Ravan

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