C.A.P.E. = Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment

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CAPE 37: By Popular Demand

You wanted the best, you got the best!  Candice, Norman and John rejoin Chris for another hour of comedic free-for-all.  The group figures out what to hoard if they got snowed in, ponders where movies went wrong, opens up about their worst fears and weighs in on what makes a great ass. Continue reading

CAPE 36: C100 Radio

Chris once again indulges in his DJ fantasy by presenting you ten songs that are not available anywhere else!  Between falling into rock radio clichés, Chris plays hard-to-find gems from legendary groups like Cheap Trick, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden along with songs from bands with only a single album release like Roxy Blue and Neverland.  Turn up the volume and dig in!  Continue reading

CAPE 35: The DIY Roadmap with Bobby Borg

After airing out his thoughts on Groundhog Day and National Frozen Yogurt Day, Chris has a one-on-one interview with musician/author Bobby Borg about his new book Music Marketing for the DIY Musician.  They chat about getting in on the ground floor of the music business and the strategies aspiring artists can use to keep their integrity and build a career without selling their soul or losing their shirt.  Continue reading

CAPE 32: It’s, Uh…Live!

To kick off the show’s run at Skidrow Studios, Chris is joined by returning guests John Kourounis and Candice Felts along with newcomer Norman Trotter to look back on the most important parts of 2014: Share A Coke, the Ice Bucket Challenge, newfangled catchphrases, and deceptive tacos.  Continue reading

CAPE 31: Great Scot

It’s back!  Chris kicks off this triumphant return by reflecting on the end of The Only Podcast That Matters and the beginning of CAPE’s weekly live run.  Then it’s time to celebrate Craig Ferguson as he exits The Late Late Show after ten glorious years.  Chris’ sister Carol joins in to talk about what the show has meant to them and what it was like being at the show’s final taping.  Happy New Year!

CAPE 27: Redondo Beach Blowout

Adam Carolla is currently fighting a patent troll that threatens the future of podcasting and Chris is happy to join the fight.  However, a rallying event in Redondo Beach goes from being a promising VIP experience to a nightmare in mere seconds…