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CAPE 25: Getting On TV with Jeff DePaoli

For starters, Chris gets angry in the parking lot (again) but eventually calms down enough to pay tribute to Harold Ramis and Paco De Lucia.  Then it’s time for a nice, long chat with actor Jeff DePaoli (host of Disney Coast To Coast) about the proper name for a major Orlando theme park, the ultimate entrance for an Oscar host, making cookies for Carson Daly, working with Biff in the center of Hill Valley, and getting directed by Clint Eastwood.

CAPE 23: Short, Possibly Sweet

Chris brings you a quick blast of all that has gone on over the last two weeks.  Yup, everything: the Super Bowl, the Grammys, National Frozen Yogurt Day, all of it.  Plus, you’ll hear his thoughts about the end of privacy and why so many attractive women aren’t great thinkers (hint: it’s not all their fault).

CAPE 22: Cutting Class with Dan Hemphill

Recorded during his holiday trip to New Jersey, Chris has a long overdue chat with Dan Hemphill, fan favorite guest on The Only Podcast That Matters.  The two talk about catapulting into adulthood together, make some “old man” complaints about how teenagers have it these days, and reveal the woeful tale of their failed musical debut.

CAPE 21: Chris Vs. The Polar Vortex

After a winter weather delay, Chris returns to CAPE HQ in sunny Los Angeles to tell you all about his unintentionally extended holiday visit to a frigid New Jersey.  Hear about what a wimp Chris has become, why he’s okay with visiting relatives, more perils of air travel, and a few recommendations for the best entertainment from 2013.

CAPE 20: Holiday Hilarity with Candice Felts

Light the fireplace, pour some cocoa, and curl up with some holiday cheer as Chris chats with writer/comedian Candice Felts.  In between babbling about their love affair with “The Heat,” the pair discusses improv, analyzes two-dimensional male and female movie characters, and bonds over holiday stressors like shopping for parents, the difficulty of making a wish list as an adult, and how to deal with creepy dolls.

CAPE 19: How To Date Chris and James

Chris and James have been friends since they were eight years old, so there is no shortage of ground to cover, especially since James is a recent Jersey-to-California transplant.  The guys discuss growing up together, compare Los Angeles and New Jersey cuisine, and examine the perks and pitfalls of online dating.

CAPE 18: Shopsgetting

Thanksgiving is upon us and the holiday shopping season will officially begin this weekend so to celebrate(?), Chris reflects on his retail career and the many Black Fridays he worked over the years.  He also has quite a bit to say about out of control store hours along with another “Only In Los Angeles” and a reminder of how much time has passed in pop culture.

CAPE 15: Making Up with A Canadian

CAPE goes simultaneously international and coed in this episode as Chris welcomes Canadian makeup effects specialist Margot to the show.  Another vast array of topics are explored such as breastfeeding, NBA all-stars of old, screwed up kids, the latest “Star Trek” film, and a trip to Son of Monsterpalooza.