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Only Dads Can Save Us

Surprise, surprise – Liam Neeson once again ruled the weekend as Bryan Mills, the world’s most lethal father with the worst run of luck in modern cinema.

I’m a fan of Liam Neeson and his recent turn as a mature ass-kicker.  You can watch him fire a gun and squash baddies at the multiplex at least twice a year since 2009’s Taken. Continue reading

Chris’ Best of 2014


So here we are: 2015.  Like everybody else, I’ve spent the last few days thinking about the past year and rather than yammer on about what I’ve done, I figured I would share what I think was the best stuff from 2014.  Originally, I also had a “biggest disappointment” for each category but that would likely stick out more than what I praise so I decided to drop that and just focus on the good stuff.  Let’s get down to it.  Continue reading

Big Hairy Deal

December is finally here, which also means Movember (or Noshavember or whatever hybrid name we’ve adopted this year) is also over.

I’m all in favor of this new tradition if it means helping to stomp out cancer – any kind of cancer.  Seriously, fuck cancer.  What I want to know is when did beards become mainstream? Continue reading

80’s Trifecta

One of the best things about living in a city like Los Angeles is that most touring bands will play a show here when they’re on the road.  In the last three weeks, I was lucky enough to see three of my favorites play live, each for the first time, so I’m going to give you a snapshot of those concerts right here.  Pile into the DeLorean, buckle up, and let’s head back to the 80’s!  Continue reading

Fanning The Flame

I’m not above a good pun. Hey, I’m not even above a bad pun but stick with this anyway.

The last two pieces I wrote were about Taylor Swift and the ABC comedy Selfie.  On the surface, it seems like those two bits of mainstream entertainment wouldn’t even be on my radar and yet I praised both and even tweeted about saving Selfie from a premature cancellation.  This led to a few of my friends reaching out to ask what’s going on with me.  Am I pandering just to get website clicks?  Did a cyber coven of teenage hackers infiltrate my site and post on my behalf?  Have I gone all “Hollywood” on everyone?!  Continue reading

A ‘Selfie’ I Can Actually Get Behind

Chances are I’m not among the target demographic for the new ABC comedy Selfie, and that’s all the more reason it should stick around.

The word “selfie” is a polarizing one.  Ending any word with “ie” is an effective way to keep most men from using it.  Couple this with the fact that we’ve become so inundated with the selfshot photo and you’ll likely end up with most people being dismissive of the show solely based on its title.  At first, I wasn’t particularly interested in a show named after a buzzword either. Continue reading