C.A.P.E. = Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment

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CAPE 09: Yes, There Is Comic-Con Talk

…but don’t worry, it’s limited to the weekend’s biggest news.  This is the internet so more thoughts and predictions need to be piled on.  But before all that, you’ll hear Chris’ plea to Lemmy, a futile review of Selena Gomez’s discography, the bad news about the new Beady Eye CD, and why fan support is so important.

CAPE 08: Don’t Call Me A ‘Futurist’

Having been inspired by some recent observations about the current world around him, Chris takes some time to rant about what he sees happening in the immediate and not-so-immediate future.  His questions revolve around a lack of motivation to impress the opposite sex, why youth may not aspire to be rich, and how much college will really be worth in the coming years.

CAPE 07: This Is Longer Than Six Seconds

Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean there aren’t things to pick apart.  Chris continues his streak of solo shows by waffling on about food, what Twitter annoyances should put the ‘end’ in ‘trend,’ being at the effect of irritating customers, and a survey that puts a damper on tried and true sexual positions.  It’s all here in Lucky Number 7.

CAPE 05: Home Alone

Check out the first episode of CAPE recorded in New Jersey.  In this solo show, Chris talks about flying home, maximizing space on his iPod, fighting about a trek into darkness, spits out random rants about some current trends, and introduces the new segment “Only In Los Angeles.”

CAPE 04: Wholesome Acting with Rick Scarry

Chris sits down for a chat with actor Rick Scarry to talk about his extensive film and television career.  Hear all about being shortchanged by IMDb, stumbling into voice over work, sharing the funny with Jim Carrey, and what it’s like to cross paths with music legends.

CAPE 03: The Charm?

Delays and illness cannot keep the show from going on, but that means you’re left with a full hour of Chris babbling on about the annoying people he comes across in restrooms, parking lots, and even in stores.  There’s also some talk about a recent stab at celebrity, an all-star charity concert, and a brief summary of the upcoming Summer movie season.

CAPE 02: The Crossover Attempt with Ryan Gabriel

…and then there were two.  Chris sits down with Ryan Gabriel (host of “Where’s The Remote”) to chat about the advantages of telling stories in a series, actors who lean against things in movie posters, the evolution of on-demand programming, reasons to avoid listening to the radio, and why they dig hosting and listening to podcasts.

CAPE 01: It Begins With A Solo

And just like that, there’s a new show on the block!  Chris kicks off this first episode by going one on one with YOU – the audience.  Hear about what this new show means for his other show, and what to expect from this project.  Plus, there are a few stories and complaints in between (which doesn’t come as too much of a surprise).