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CAPE 185: A Christian Sandwich with Heathen Bread

Chris, Andrew, Ryan and Jack return to the studio without an engineer to keep them in line.  The guys get the full explanation about Andrew’s recent work injuries while Jack unveils his Ming Chen impression.  They also dig into the insane Texas abortion laws, dissect the definition of patriotism, and Chris airs out his grievances after being flagged by Facebook and TikTok.

CAPE 182: Crazy From The Heat

Chris reclaims his position as host and is joined by a packed house!  Ryan and Jack return along with Jon Beecroft and Joe Weber (Comics, Cartoons and Craft Beers podcast) plus Criss Madd (Engineer Criss Jr) as this sextet starts with ranting about Nirvana and babies, moving on to issues with customers and drivers, sharing their first concerts and albums, culminating in a few rounds of fighting about all manner of food subjects – all in an overheated studio in a building which also takes some shots.  Nothing is safe, especially not your ears.


CAPE 181: Nerds With Friends

Guest host Jack DeFranco is joined by Ming Chen and Ryan Taggart to geek out over their toy collecting fetishes.  Along the way, they dig into films and TV shows such as Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Transformers, The Real Ghostbusters, Batman and tons of others whose vintage toys and modern collectibles have become the object of their affections and the vacuum in their wallets.


CAPE 180: The Lovers, The Dreamers and These Two

Chris and Christian finally sit down to discuss The Muppets, but not in some stereotypical fanboy way.  They share their introductions to the world of Jim Henson’s creations along with their unabashed love for the characters, as well as how it shaped their approaches to creativity and their perspective on show business at large.


CAPE 178: Goodbye, Vintage Vinyl

Chris does a solo episode to pay tribute to his favorite record store Vintage Vinyl, which just closed for good after 42 years. He shares stories from his first trip, the many in-store appearances he attended (and tried to attend), the very first Record Store Day, and how it felt shopping at the store one last time before they closed their doors.


CAPE 177: There Goes My Egg

The first ever midnight livestream went off last Friday and it’s now available here for your listening pleasure.  Chris is joined by Ryan and Christian to celebrate Jack’s birthday, even though the conversation covers everything but that.  Hear about the surprising promo Chris filmed at the last minute, misinterpreted Facebook statuses, the recent Eric Clapton controversy, a debate on the value of Hall & Oates and so much more.  Plus, the guys respond to live viewer comments and answer some listener-submitted questions!


CAPE 176: Beerstagram Takeover

For the first time in the history of CAPE, there is a Chris-less episode!  Guest host Ryan Taggart takes over and welcomes his friend Caroline (@glimmerofhop) to talk all about the convergence of beer and Instagram.  These two enthusiasts discuss their love of craft beer, the local brewery scenes in Jersey and DC, the lengths they go to in order to nail the perfect photo, and how their inner nerd shows up through their posts.