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CAPE 138: The Avengers, Not The Pre-Vengers

This week, Chris and Jack come at you live from A Shared Universe PodcaSTudio, which seems like the most appropriate place to discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers movies in particular.  Studio engineer Christian Cordes joins in on the chat about the MCU movies, the rise of online spoilers, Jersey mall culture, and dealing with jerks at the movie theater.

CAPE 137: Remembering Eddie Van Halen

Chris is joined by Jack, Ryan and Metal Jimmy (in his CAPE debut!) to talk all things Van Halen: from discovering the band to debating their best singer to the ending they’d hoped to see for this legendary and hugely influential band.

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CAPE 136: Return Of The Sibling

To wrap up the Aballo Birthday Season, Chris’ sister Carol returns to the show for the first time in years.  The siblings discuss finding new shows to recommend to their parents, navigating their Fire Sicks, and the return of Quarantine Questionnaire!

CAPE 135: At Last, Chris’ Parents

It’s birthday season for the Aballo family so Chris kicks off a two-week celebration by tricking his parents into making their CAPE debut!  Chris’ Mom and Dad talk to him about Springsteen, Sopranos, commercials and more during this short and sweet phone call.

CAPE 134: Halloween-ish

Some believe September 1 is the start of Halloween season and while others believe it doesn’t start until October, Chris and Jack sort of split the difference by talking Halloween in late September.  The two consider the Halloween that could have been in 2020 and what it actually will be like.  Plus, what better opportunity to have yet another movie discussion than by talking about the seasonally appropriate genre of horror films, with some dark horse recommendations, scares from childhood and how they eventually became turned on to the thrills of scary movies.

CAPE 133: Remembering 9/11

Chris and Jack take some time to reflect on 9/11, from their experiences on the day itself to how it has affected them in the years since.  The boys also spend the end of the show discussing movie theaters reopening in New Jersey and if they can manage to stay open after a disappointing first weekend.

CAPE 132: Gimme Some Truth

Things are gonna get topical!  Andrew Rizzitello returns to debate Chris about the press coverage of the president’s remarks about the military, and where their biases and beliefs land on the issue.  Thankfully, after a semi-serious discussion, the guys talk about fun stuff like OnlyFans, sex work, getting paid and things that are far less cringe-worthy than news media and politics.

CAPE 131: Bill and Ted and Chadwick Forever

Chris and Jack reconvene to recap the high and low of their Friday hangout.  First, they review Bill and Ted Face The Music and talk about what the franchise has meant to them.  The guys then celebrate the career and impact of Chadwick Boseman, from his portrayals of real life icons to headlining one of the biggest superhero films ever.

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CAPE 130: I Don’t Wanna Go Where The People Go

Chris returns with another solo show to rant while being unencumbered by guests or a co-host.  He shares the relief of a week long break from social media, takes a closer look at the reopening of movie theaters, and adds more observations (and frustrations) about the ongoing pandemic and the anti-mask attitude taken up by the selfish and entitled among us.

CAPE 129: Music Nerds Unite

Chris is joined by Andrew and Sherrie to chat about all sorts of musical subjects.  Chris shares his unpopular opinion about Jimi Hendrix, Sherrie and Andrew talk musician biopics, and everyone debates superior cover versions of songs as well as the best covers of all time.