The 2020 Half-In-The-Bag Holiday Spectacular!

It is with great excitement that I hereby announce this season’s biggest event!

Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment will be broadcasting LIVE this Monday night for The 2020 Half-In-The-Bag Holiday Spectacular! My longtime cohorts Andrew Rizzitello, Ryan Taggart and Jack DeFranco will be joining me for laughs, drinks and holiday merriment. There will be comedy, music and guest stars.
Make sure to give A Shared Universe PodcaStudio a follow on Facebook so you can watch the show live or subscribe to their YouTube channel to tune in on your favorite streaming device. This show has been a long time coming and even modifying some plans due to COVID-ness and the bastard known as 2020 couldn’t stop it.
On Monday night, pour yourself a drink (or several), tune in and I guarantee* a good time will be had by all**!
– Chris
*not an actual guarantee
**sense of humor may vary
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