Bandcamp Friday

Let’s get one thing straight:


That means you need to look a little harder to find it but it’s out there, and many amazing bands are flying its flag. Continue reading

Classic Rock Songs I Never Need To Hear Again

Scrolling through the 56 GB of music on my iPod while driving can be a challenge so I’ve decided to give radio another chance.  While I could criticize any and all formats, I’ll specifically take aim at classic rock stations for now.  Rock music will always be where my heart resides and having someone else arrange my trip’s music is something I haven’t allowed in a long time.  Well, I’m already sick of it. Continue reading

I Love A Comeback Story

This was previously posted on my Instagram:

I may not like wrestling but I LOVE a comeback story. I literally cried laughing hearing Jake “The Snake” Roberts tell road stories at Flappers in Burbank last night (also his birthday!). The way he beat his addictions, beat cancer and (with the help of @ddpyoga) got a new lease on life is immensely inspiring. Continue reading

The Best Guest Vocalists For AC/DC

Yesterday, AC/DC announced they’d be rescheduling upcoming tour dates due to frontman Brian Johnson risking total hearing loss if he continued.  The statement mentions new dates at the end of the year would likely feature a guest vocalist, which would be no easy task since the voices of AC/DC have always been a critical part of their sound.  Frankly, if Dave Grohl does even one concert fronting AC/DC, I might kill myself because it would be the clearest signal that there’s no going back from all the disproportionate worship we’re showing him.  To help avoid this catastrophe, for your consideration, I offer five picks for singers I’d like to see front the band.  Continue reading

An Important Message About Holiday (and Everyday) Safety

I hope every single one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!  Thanksgiving is very much an American holiday and in America, we’ll take advantage of any excuse to party.  Unfortunately, there are those among us who don’t know their limits and that can come at a fatal cost.

On Friday, our friend John Kourounis posted the following experience on Facebook.

Yesterday’s amazing Thanksgiving turned into a very heavy night.  Continue reading

Ion Displacement

I’ve spoken about my car being quite the survivor on several episodes of CAPE but sadly, vehicles don’t last forever.  Today, I posted this tribute on my Instagram:

Today I say goodbye to a great American. I bought my Saturn Ion brand new in July 2004, just a month after visiting California for the first time so in a way, this car has been a physical representation of the amount of time California has been a part of my life. Continue reading

Han Solo Should Have A Word With Alvin

It was just announced that Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip would be moved up to December 18, which means it’ll be opening against the behemoth that will be Episode VII.  Say what you want about a dopey talking animal movie going head-to-head with a phenomenon like Star Wars but, regrettably, I now know when the new Chipmunks movie will invade theaters (and lower the IQ of all who see it).  Well played, Fox. Continue reading

Hard Rock Heart

This was previously posted on my Instagram:

Last night marked the third time in a year that I’ve seen Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer in concert. 80’s hard rock and metal is oftentimes dismissed as being cheesy because of the big hair, makeup and power ballads whereas the next decade was equally as fashionable but used flatter long hair, plaid and self-loathing instead. Somehow, that was viewed as “integrity.” Continue reading