CAPE 121: #BlackLivesMatter

If you’re looking at the title of this episode and thinking you should skip it, then you probably need to hear it.  Sherrie joins Chris to share her experiences of dealing with racism as a black woman, from dealing with customers to cops and everything in between.

To support the organizations mentioned in the show, follow these links:

The Bail Project
Masks For The People
Faith In Action
The Thurgood Marshall College Fund

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  1. I enjoyed the podcast. I was born in the fifties during total segregation in Louisiana. If I had to walk to work on any given day I would be called n****r by not only the white kids, but the Asian kids as well. A few Asian kids parents own grocery stores so they were ok. An Indian family moved to our community and they had no place to go. Mother kept in still in us when people try to keep you down, she would say ” you are better than those who think nothing of you. WORK HARD and you will accomplish your goal. Thank you momma for all your life experience.

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