CAPE: The Best Of 2021 – Volume 2

To conclude the year, Chris presents Volume 2 of the best segments from this year’s 49 episodes.

This compilation is made up of clips from one-on-one interviews with Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic (Comic Book Men), Miltia Vox (Judas Priestess), Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves), ZouZou Mansour (Soraia), Sean Johnson, Pete Murano (Trombone Short & Orleans Avenue), Joe Murano, and Mike Murano (The Mighty Pines), as well as crossover episodes with The Extended Branch, Respek The Blackout and Comics, Cartoons and Craft Beers.

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CAPE: The Best Of 2021 – Volume 1

As 2021 comes to a close, Chris presents Volume 1 of the best segments from this year’s 49 episodes – both from home and A Shared Universe PodcaStudio.  The regulars are here (Andrew, Ryan, Jack) as well as the engineers (Christian and Criss) and the special guests (Ming and Mike), plus a few others.

This compilation of the group shows including talks on fatherhood, getting back out into the world, movies, creative life, patriotism, coffee, food fights, weight loss, social media and much more.

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CAPE 196: The 2021 Half-In-The-Bag Holiday Spectacular!

Chris is joined by Andrew, Jack, Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic for a holiday-oriented finale which has very little holiday talk. The guys discuss the lack of excitement around this year’s Black Friday, share early album purchases, roast everyone who was invited but didn’t show up, and spend an inordinate amount of time discussing one of teenage Mike’s early girlfriends.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2022 to all!

CAPE 195: Uninstalling Andrew

Andrew returns to join Chris and Christian for the second to last show of 2021.  Andrew talks about finishing his year as head of his Freemason lodge, Chris apologizes to a certain Midwestern state, and all three talk the third Boondock Saints film, question younger generations’ fashion choices, and share their common experience of receiving increasingly bad service.

CAPE 194: From The Archive – Volume 2

Chris opens up the CAPE archive once again to present you with another an hour of Patreon exclusive audio and a never-before-released debate in Volume 2 of the From The Archive series.  PreShow bits with guests including Doc Coyle, ZouZou Mansour and Mike Zapcic play alongside nonsense from the usual crew of Chris, Andrew, Ryan, Jack and Christian in another episode of hilarity.

CAPE 193: The Return Of Loudmouth and The Big Kahuna

Chris and Christian team up yet again to spend this episode defending Iron Man 3, identifying Christian’s godfather, spitballing ideas for a new classic monster universe, sharing an appreciation for vinyl and other physical media, revealing small details about Clerks III, and explaining the death and resurrection of Christian’s upcoming holiday album.

CAPE 192: Da Tree Tenors

Chris is joined by Ryan, Jack, Christian and returning guest Mike Zapcic.  The guys pitch a Ray Liotta Christmas album, explain the origin of Chris’ Tony Danza impression, and debate the worst candies.  Mike also shares tales of Catholic school trouble-making, Ryan tells Mike the story of the first time they met, and everyone roasts Ming Chen by mercilessly impersonating him.

CAPE 191: From Jersey To Bad Wolves with Doc Coyle

Chris talks one-on-one with Doc Coyle: guitarist formerly of God Forbid and currently of Bad Wolves.  The two Jersians weigh in on the existence of Central Jersey, recount the local music scene in the late 90s and early 2000s, and share their excitement for the return of live music.  Doc also talks about on the legacy of God Forbid, the importance of representation, opening for Metallica, touring with OzzFest, the new Bad Wolves album Dear Monsters and the origin of his podcast The Ex-Man with Doc Coyle.

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CAPE 190: Be Happy Or Be Right with ZouZou Mansour

Chris talks one-on-one with ZouZou Mansour, the heart and voice of Soraia.  The two discuss staying sane and engaged during last year’s quarantine, how performances look versus how they feel, and the importance of showing up for your ambitions everyday.  Zou Zou also shares her experiences of writing songs with Jon Bon Jovi and Steve Van Zandt, how the band’s first tour of Sweden came about, and Chris subjects her to a round of CAPE This Or That.

CAPE 189: May Contain Whiskey

Chris kicks off this week’s show with some announcements about the rest of the year, because there isn’t a whole lot of 2021 left. Then he opens up the archive to bring you two episodes of a whiskey tasting show which he and Andrew did back in May, along with Adam Reich in his CAPE debut. These never-before-released chats will boost both your liquor knowledge and happiness.