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CAPE 68: The Accent Tag with Erika Lawson

Chris shares news about the future of CAPE and what to expect in the coming weeks.  Then he’s joined in studio by Erika Lawson, best known as one of the leaders of the “Save Selfie” movement.  They discuss the widespread reach of the show despite its cancellation, trace the Doctor Who popularity spike, and spend time comparing their respective accents.  Continue reading

CAPE 66: It Always Comes Back To Grandma

Chris kicks off the show by telling his harrowing tale of surviving the desert to see Sammy Hagar.  Then, the cast of The Caroline Anderson Show is in the studio to talk about their upcoming live performances, what brought each of them to LA, and how they’re pushing their interactive live show to be something you won’t see anywhere else.  Continue reading

CAPE 65: Less People, More Talking

All aboard Chris’ train of thought…as it veers all over the track.  The handsome and amiable host takes this week’s episode to talk to you – the listener – about the evolution of CAPE and where the show is heading in the coming months.  He also talks about his cousin’s recent performance at the Hollywood Bowl, how living in a major market affects your concert-going activity, and then it’s on to more heady topics like ketchup usage, the speedy passage of time, and Chris’ new-found ambition to cure his sweet tooth.  Continue reading

CAPE 64: Cinemania II

As summer comes to a close, Chris and Sherrie look back at the blockbuster movie season and all its hits and misses, from smashes like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World to less successful fare like Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL and everything in between.  The pair also examines why millennials aren’t anxious to get their driver’s licenses and why certain groups ride the trends of others.  Continue reading

CAPE 63: Relationships Suck with Javier Santoveña and Lauren Sperling

Chris kicks off this week by pondering the end of relevance and why airline commercials make air travel look so glamorous, plus he shares a bunch of documentary recommendations.  Lauren Sperling is also back in the studio with actor/writer Javier Santoveña to talk about their current production “Relationships Suck” as well as Los Angeles culture shock, over-analyzing acting and why it’s important to be in the moment.  Continue reading

CAPE 62: Rush Of Steel

After missing last week’s show, Chris makes his triumphant return to the host seat.  Sherrie joins him in telling the tales of seeing recent historic concerts which include Rush playing the final show of their last big tour and Steel Panther headlining the last show ever at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.  If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, there’s also some banter about anal lube, concert etiquette and annoying internet trends.  Continue reading

CAPE 60: Frustration, Vegas and Boobs

This title sounds like the best name ever for a fictitious law firm, however it’s only an episode where Chris and Sherrie hash out their current frustrations including but not limited to: the most recent Apple update, midnight car alarms, being aggressively hit on, and getting stuck without quarters.  On the bright side, they also bask in the joy of everything old being new again, introduce the show’s new engineer, decipher some slang, tease next week’s fill-in host, and debate the trouble and glory of big boobs.  Continue reading

CAPE 59: On The Fringe with April Morrow and Lauren Sperling

Chris kicks off this week’s show by sharing the best way to cope with LA rain and how he suffered an ailment in most uncool way.  Anthony Romero stops in for a revealing discussion about how beloved engineer Cheyenne’s hair color dictates her mood and behavior.  Then, actress Lauren Sperling returns to CAPE with writer/director/actress April Morrow to tell the story behind their award-winning play “Catalyst” and how much growth is happening in the Los Angeles theater community.  Continue reading