Like everybody, I was beyond excited to see the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron last night.  How cool is it that we could see it a week earlier than expected?

I really miss when surprises could remain quiet until the time was right or when privacy remained private.  Granted, the low resolution Avengers trailer supposedly came from an international source which was supposed to be translating it for its debut next week as opposed to a hack of Marvel’s media, but it really is a shame that things can no longer be kept quiet.  An announcement could be made – say your next big movie is debuting a teaser during a TV show, for instance – and the vultures dispatch themselves to try and scoop everyone, hoping to be the first to get the most clicks on their low-grade-news-aggregate site.  Something like this should have been able to play out how it was intended to, especially because it was a smart plan on Marvel’s end.  Naturally, they handled the leak with their incredible sense of humor.

Honestly, I hope nobody ever figures out time travel.  All it would take is one of this type of person to go back and fuck up humanity to the point where it will never have existed, and that would be a bummer.  Strange to think humanity is its own worst enemy at times.

Maybe that Ultron is on to something.

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