National Coffee Day

Other countries must marvel at the way we celebrate food in America.  If I’m to believe what social media tells me, apparently today is National Coffee Day which means coffee enthusiasts and other speed freaks can be even less ashamed than usual and celebrate their dependency. 

Truthfully, I have nothing against coffee.  I even have a cup of it once in a while (as long as there’s more sugar and flavoring in it than coffee, thus making it not taste like coffee).  I’m just endlessly surprised by how much we celebrate food in the United States.  Even D-list foods like creampuffs, corn dogs, tapioca, and even vinegar are celebrated on various days throughout the year.  Stunning when you consider there are still parts of the world that don’t yet have clean drinking water.

Check out this incomplete list on Wikipedia for further proof on how fat and happy we are.  I’m not being smug or sarcastic by finding so much humor in the fact that we have holidays where we celebrate food. We are a happy lot, and I include myself in that.  I love food and I’m thankful to have many incredible options in the Los Angeles area (except for a serious lack of quality Italian food, but that’s for another day).

At least tomorrow is National Podcast Day.  That’s something I can get behind.  Twice.

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