C.A.P.E. Returns!

December 22, 2014:

In 2015, Chris Aballo’s Podcast Experiment will return from its seven month hiatus.  On Monday January 5, CAPE 31 will kick things off in a similar vein of the show’s initial run, with Chris having a one-on-one chat with a very special guest.  On Monday January 12, the show begins its weekly run at Skidrow Studios, recorded live in downtown Los Angeles, beginning with a panel recapping 2014 with Chris.

“I’m very excited to relaunch CAPE at Skidrow Studios,” Aballo says. “To do the type of show I want to do in a proper radio studio will finally bring a chat show to the internet, which doesn’t seem to have any.”

When asked about the partnership, a representative for Skidrow Studios responded with “Who is Chris Aballo?”

For more information, visit ChrisAballo.com and SkidrowStudios.com.

Chris Aballo is a voice actor and writer who recently wrapped his four year run on The Only Podcast That Matters.  The show was created by Chris along with Andrew Rizzitello (Sailing The Sudsy Seas), Ryan Taggart (The Nerd In The Box), and Jack DeFranco (Fence-sitters United).  The group produced 200 episodes of the show along with more than 30 videos, several film commentaries, and hundreds of weekly blogs.  Chris lives in Los Angeles and writes mock press releases in the third person.

Skidrow Studios specializes in live broadcast talk and entertainment radio with a current roster of more than 20 shows, including the wildly popular “Blame It On Ginger” hosted by Ginger Lynn Allen.  Born from the idea that everyone has a story to tell or something they’d like to share with the world, Skidrow Studios broadcasts directly from the heart of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California.


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