Ion Displacement

I’ve spoken about my car being quite the survivor on several episodes of CAPE but sadly, vehicles don’t last forever.  Today, I posted this tribute on my Instagram:

Today I say goodbye to a great American. I bought my Saturn Ion brand new in July 2004, just a month after visiting California for the first time so in a way, this car has been a physical representation of the amount of time California has been a part of my life. After eleven years, many cross-country trips and an eyelash away from 200k miles, the engine gave out last Monday. There’s no such thing as good timing when a car dies but considering I’ve only had to replace the front axle, part of the exhaust system and the AC (aside from usual maintenance), this car owes me nothing. It’s a shame GM stopped producing Saturn vehicles in 2009 because I have nothing but good things to say about mine. Farewell, my friend. May you live on for many more years in the pumping pistons and spinning wheels of the other cars you’ll keep alive.


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