Adventures In Online Dating: Fancy A Chat?

Modern dating has evolved at an alarming rate.  It was so easy as a youngster.  You liked a girl, you asked her out, she said no, you moved on.  Right?

Just me?

Anyway, since we’ve become so dependent on technology for all of our social contact, it makes sense for online dating to evolve into a practical means of finding other singles.  I resisted it for a while but after being harassed about it a friend’s hearty suggestion, I decided to give it a try.

Here’s an excerpt from a chat I had with one chick.  I can’t figure out why it took a turn so quickly.

ME: You say a lot about yourself in your profile but some big things are missing answers like ethnicity

HER: guess what i am

ME: Mexican?

HER: no!!! i have dark hair but that doesn’t mean i look mexican

ME: Cantonese?

HER: are you sure your looking at my profile?

ME: you’re

HER: whatever.  typo.

ME: Hey, you said “guess”

HER: no.  try again.

ME: African?

HER: no!! i don’t have dark skin

ME: South African?

HER: still no

ME: Mexican?

HER: you said that already

ME: We live in LA.  Just making sure.

HER: smh no

ME: Is this really easier than just telling me?

HER: lol no but i’m curious what you think

ME: I think I’m irritating you

HER: one more guess

ME: Okay…

HER: waiting

ME: Albanian?

HER: what??  ok fuck u. i don’t have time for games.

ME: I don’t deserve the “yo”?

[amended] is now offline

Well, there you have it.  Some people have no sense of humor.

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