Running Amuck In Boston

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Following the long absence you either noticed or read about, it was decided to recut “Running Amuck In Boston.” Hey, they did about 12 different cuts of “Blade Runner” and “Brazil” so why can’t we do it too? 

Seriously, the film was blocked on YouTube due to some of the music I used in it. I like using existing songs because I find it easier to “build” a scene around a particular song rather than have some instrumental elevator music written to order. Plus, there are plenty of great songs already out there which deserve to be heard. However, using them meant being subject to potential blocking on YouTube, which happened after less than three months. Unlike some of our previous stuff, the block wasn’t eventually lifted on particular songs and after nearly a year of my favorite directorial effort being unavailable in my home country, I decided to make some changes and get the film back online.

To further elaborate on the evolution of the film, I was originally hoping to end up with a 30 minute fly-on-the-wall documentary of our trip, but once I sifted through all of my footage along with cell phone videos sent to me by some of the guys, the final cut ended up being almost 45 minutes. I had cut out a few bits while editing since I was aiming for a half-hour runtime but given the chance to now edit the film again, I decided to put some stuff back in. Thus, this version is slightly longer than the original.

It was a pleasure to go through the two and a half hours of footage again and put together (dare I say) an improved version of this documentary. And yes, there is even more leftover stuff from this trip sitting in the digital vault (DVD extras, anyone?). Sadly, the use of some songs does mean this video won’t be viewable on devices like tablets and smartphones so sorry about that, but this isn’t a visual stunner like “The Avengers” so your widescreen computer monitor should do just fine.

Thank you for checking out the film, please spread it around, and I’m anxious to run amuck with the boys again one day.

Perhaps for the next one, they should come visit me in Hollywood…


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