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CAPE 179: From The Archive – Volume 1

Chris opens up the CAPE archive to give you an hour of previously unreleased audio mixed with some Patreon exclusive bits in Volume 1 of the From The Archive series. These shenanigans include the usual suspects that are Andrew, Jack and Ryan, with Ming Chen, Criss Madd, Christian Cordes and Jeff Schnitzer along for the ride.

CAPE 178: Goodbye, Vintage Vinyl

Chris does a solo episode to pay tribute to his favorite record store Vintage Vinyl, which just closed for good after 42 years. He shares stories from his first trip, the many in-store appearances he attended (and tried to attend), the very first Record Store Day, and how it felt shopping at the store one last time before they closed their doors.

CAPE 177: There Goes My Egg

The first ever midnight livestream went off last Friday and it’s now available here for your listening pleasure.  Chris is joined by Ryan and Christian to celebrate Jack’s birthday, even though the conversation covers everything but that.  Hear about the surprising promo Chris filmed at the last minute, misinterpreted Facebook statuses, the recent Eric Clapton controversy, a debate on the value of Hall & Oates and so much more.  Plus, the guys respond to live viewer comments and answer some listener-submitted questions!

CAPE 176: Beerstagram Takeover

For the first time in the history of CAPE, there is a Chris-less episode!  Guest host Ryan Taggart takes over and welcomes his friend Caroline (@glimmerofhop) to talk all about the convergence of beer and Instagram.  These two enthusiasts discuss their love of craft beer, the local brewery scenes in Jersey and DC, the lengths they go to in order to nail the perfect photo, and how their inner nerd shows up through their posts.

CAPE 175: A Three-fum with Joe Weber and Jon Beecroft

Comedians Joe Weber and Jon Beecroft (hosts of the Comics, Cartoons, and Craft Beers podcast) join Chris and Christian to perform some decent impressions, tell their darkest jokes, and get buzzed in the process.  They also ask Chris to elaborate on his podcasting experience with both CAPE and The Only Podcast That Matters, which leads to a few revelations.

CAPE 174: A Dashboard Full Of Fries

Chris and Ryan return to Zoom as fluctuating weather forces the show to skip the studio this week.  As they venture back out into a semi-normal world, the boys talk about their unusually short day at the boardwalk, Chris describes a car accident that nearly canceled April’s live show as well as his returns to New York City and concert-going, and Ryan finally goes to the movies by himself.

CAPE 173: Let’s See How This Plays Out with Mike Zapcic

Chris talks one-on-one with Mike Zapcic about basically everything you’d expect: how he ended up working at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, run-ins with various celebrities at conventions, how “Comic Book Men” came to be, and a lot of Ming Chen mockery.  Chris also clarifies Mike’s side of a story told on an early SModcast episode and revitalizes This Or That with Mike as his latest victim.

CAPE 172: Explicit As F**k with Respek The Blackout

Chris and Andrew are joined by Munch and Sha, the hosts of Respek The Blackout Podcast.  The guys share the origins of their show and how it has evolved into a showcase for adult talent.  They also talk about emceeing swingers events, how OnlyFans has changed the game for women, and why it’s important to put in the work to build up your podcast.  You’ll also never look at pineapples the same way again!

CAPE 171: I Want Proof Of Derf!

The foursome from The Only Podcast That Matters reunites at A Shared Universe PodcaStudio for the first time in 2021.  Chris, Andrew, Ryan and Jack kick off the show with good news about the availability of CAPE and TOPTM.  Then Jack takes everyone through his weight loss journey, Ryan explains the biggest problem with meal subscription plans, and Chris shares the story of his most memorable night out with his father, followed by an impromptu obituary for his Uncle Al.

CAPE 170: If I’m Promised Pancakes, I’m In

Chris is joined by the hosts of The Extended Branch, a show which explores the business and fraternal aspects of freemasonry that is also co-hosted by Andrew.  Billy Bilbow and Kevin Cotter join the conversation as Chris aims to find out what it’s like having Andrew as your leader, what kind of food members can expect, and what it means to be part of the world’s oldest fraternity in 2021.