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CAPE 128: The Summer Movie Season That Wasn’t

Chris and Jack are finally in the same room together as they recap basically all the movie news there is these days.  In addition to pining for a time when they could go to a movie theater to see a summer blockbuster, the boys share their enthusiasm for Bill and Ted Face The Music, give their opinions on the VOD release of Disney’s Mulan, and predict the fate of other tent-pole features and when we can expect to see movie theaters reopen in the United States.

CAPE 127: CDs, Toys and Beer

Chris and Jack are once again joined by Ryan Taggart for a discussion about their collecting habits as well as fandom in general.  Chris explains his love for Japanese CDs and debates the recent popularity of vinyl, Jack shares his experiences in supporting independent creators through Patreon, Ryan talks about turning his love of beer into his latest creative outlet, and both Jack and Ryan pine for the days of going toy hunting around the Garden State.

CAPE 126: COVID Communion with Jeff Schnitzer

Jeff Schnitzer joins Chris in his CAPE debut where they cover all manner of topics, including their frustrations with the continuing pandemic.  Jeff talks about his recent experience in the hospital for the birth of his second child, Chris discusses his two days on a sitcom set, they both chat about the partial return of baseball, and of course: the Quarantine Questionnaire!

CAPE 125: An Unintentional Ad For SiriusXM and Ancestry

The “Triple O” threat of Chris Aballo, Jack DeFranco and Andrew Rizzitello descends upon your ears to bring them 81 minutes of happiness.  The boys reminisce about the early days of The Only Podcast That Matters, discuss the genius and influence of Howard Stern, and how they all became SiriusXM subscribers.  Then it’s on to the main topic of the episode, which is how the DNA magic of Ancestry has taught them a surprising amount about their ethnic backgrounds compared to what they grew up believing.

CAPE 124: Gastrorama!

Chris and Jack are joined by Cory Noyes to talk about his recent bariatric sleeve surgery, including all the work that led up to the procedure as well as everything he’s done in the last few months to continue his weight loss journey.  Chris and Jack also bemoan their weight gain and lack of activity (again), and Chris closes out the show by sharing the story of two harrowing incidents he experienced.

CAPE 123: White Dopes On Punk with Dan Hemphill

Chris and fan favorite Dan Hemphill reunite for a look back at high school and how they can’t fathom that 20 years have passed since their graduation.  Chris shares how he and Dan first bonded over music, Dan talks about how he’s been handling the pandemic, and we get the return of the Quarantine Questionnaire!

CAPE 122: The United Sad State Of Affairs

Chris is joined by Andrew Rizzitello to dive back into the pandemic/quarantine talk!  The pair discusses their mixed feelings about ongoing regulations and the annoyance of entitled Americans who rage against being inconvenienced by the pandemic.  Andrew also shares his newfound enjoyment of Proto-Germanic music, Chris defends his affection for Yngwie Malmsteen, and they both share memories of their concert-going days.

CAPE 121: #BlackLivesMatter

If you’re looking at the title of this episode and thinking you should skip it, then you probably need to hear it.  Sherrie joins Chris to share her experiences of dealing with racism as a black woman, from dealing with customers to cops and everything in between.

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The Bail Project
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CAPE 120: The Weight Isn’t Over

Chris and Jack are once again joined by Andrew and Ryan for a candid discussion about weight and their newly developed “pandemic bodies.”  They talk about what they’ve given up for the sake of their health, the criticisms and defense of celebrity bodies, and how their personal discipline has been influenced by the state of the world. Continue reading

CAPE 119: This Is Not A Filler Episode

This week, it’s down to just Chris as he gets a bunch of topics off his chest in a short amount of time.  He revises some of his opinions after viewing all nine episodes of Stars Wars, delivers eulogies for Adam Schlesinger and Fred Willard, explains the reality of a Justice League “Snyder Cut,” gives thoughts on Joe Rogan’s deal with Spotify, and makes promises for future video episodes.  An hour’s worth of show in almost half the time!