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CAPE 169: Mental Health Part 2 – I Am The Void

In the second part of their half serious/half humorous mental health discussion, Ryan opens up to Chris and Andrew about his anxiety, panic attacks and how therapy helped him overcome feelings he’d buried long ago but still needed to face.  Andrew and Ryan also share how they’ve been mentally and emotionally affected by parenthood, as well as how mental health struggles are not made any easier by fame or money.

CAPE 168: Mental Health Part 1 – Caffeine and Hatred

Chris, Andrew and Ryan sit down for an overdue discussion about mental health.  In the first of two episodes on the subject, Chris discusses how he first came to recognize anxiety, the day his first panic attack led him to the emergency room, and when he decided to finally begin therapy.  Andrew opens up about past suicidal thoughts, his psychological diagnosis and how medication has helped bring him to a better place.  The conversation gets very serious at times but the guys can’t help but bust each other’s chops along the way, so expect a mixture of light and heavy discussion.

CAPE 167: Peacocks Are Fabulous Turkeys

The show makes its triumphant return to A Shared Universe’s Eatontown studio where Chris is joined by Andrew as well as Engineer Criss Jr.  The trio gets into the continued issues with the Apple Podcasts app, Andrew’s family trip to the Philadelphia Zoo and his struggles with the recent downpour of pollen.  They also follow up on people who refuse to get vaccinated along with this year’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame class and the integrity dilemma facing the traitors who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

CAPE 166: Mike Murano and The Funky Mummies

Chris completes the Murano Trilogy by chatting with his cousin Mike Murano, drummer for The Mighty Pines and beyond.  Mike talks to Chris about how he became a touring musician, what’s great about the St. Louis music scene, how his band had to get creative to promote their new album during the pandemic, and the importance of being confident enough to put your work out there.

CAPE 165: Better Than Animal Crackers with Joe Murano

Chris welcomes sportscaster and host (and cousin) Joe Murano for his podcast debut so they can dig into his broadcasting journey.  The pair discusses how evolving technology has changed the landscape for news and sports, how hosting is harder than people think, gigs that are too good to leave for retirement, and handling a 22 hour broadcast during a hurricane.

CAPE 164: CHRIS Alive II

On April 16, the show returned to A Shared Universe PodcaStudio for the first time in four months and celebrated with a livestream.  Here is the full audio of the episode featuring Chris, Andrew, Christian Cordes AKA Engineer Chris and Ming Chen.  This all-star show takes the conversation all over the place, from street-fighting Muppets and Elvira to vaccine Twitter bots and retired parents getting taken over by technology.  Chris also debates getting a show TikTok account, answers some listener mail and pays tribute to Joey Ramone, all while responding to live viewer comments.

CAPE 163: Militia Vox Part 2 – All The Metal Girls Love Me!

In the second half of their chat, Chris and Militia Vox explore her album The Villainess and how it evolved into visual and immersive experiences.   They also delve into her newfound love of horror film scoring, how artists are more appreciated in death, why bands’ shirts are fashionable even when the music isn’t, lessons learned from the pandemic, and how Judas Priestess helped her fulfill a longtime ambition to front an all-female band.

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CAPE 162: Militia Vox Part 1 – Marked By Redd Foxx

Musical multi-hyphenate Militia Vox joins Chris for the first episode of this two part interview.  She shares her experiences of growing up in Maryland as a piano prodigy, clashing with administrators at Boston Conservatory, getting out from under the thumb of authority figures, her previous life as a backing vocalist and finding her own artistic voice.

Check out Militia Vox on Bandcamp!

CAPE 161: Imagine Jet Li Pulling A Quarter From Behind Your Ear

Jeff Schnitzer sits in on the show so he and Chris can dive into how they will return to the outside world after being spoiled by grocery delivery and in-store pickup.  The duo discusses Coming 2 America, superior and inferior sequels, and how edited-for-TV movies misled them as young viewers.  Jeff also makes a surprising revelation about what he watches after his family goes to bed.

CAPE 160: I Need A Better One with Pete Murano

What does the title mean?  Listen to find out!  Chris welcomes back guitarist and cousin Pete Murano from Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue.  The two chat about their extensive family tree along with predictions for the return of live music, how it has felt to be off the road for an entire year, cooking for Instagram, 2021’s very unique Mardi Gras, and what happens behind the scenes on late night talk shows.