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CAPE 143: Baby You Can Drive My Food

Chris is joined by Ryan Taggart to share their experiences of working in the gig economy.  They discuss the advantages of being an independent contractor vs an employee, the best food delivery app for drivers, cheapskates who don’t tip and unexpected surprises when showing up to drop off an order.  Chris also shares stories from his time as an Uber driver in Los Angeles.


CAPE 142: So It’s Come To This… An Election Episode

Now that a winner has been declared in the 2020 Presidential Election, Chris, Jack, Andrew and Ryan return to talk politics.  They discuss the events and feelings that led to the ways they voted earlier this month, as well as looking back at the last four years, social media, partisan bubbles, and much more.

Yup, four more guys talking politics on a podcast.  You have been warned.


CAPE 141: Enter Soundman

The third round of The Only Podcast That Matters’ re-teaming is cut short when Andrew is unable to make it to the studio.  Thankfully, Engineer Chris is there to be the fourth voice as Chris, Jack and Ryan take the conversation in all sorts of directions.  After speculating the real reason Andrew is absent, the boys ponder the potential for marijuana marketed by Disney, the brilliance of all things Muppets, unnecessary changes to the Taco Bell menu, stripping in the era of COVID, and the ongoing issues with studio mergers and content licensing in this very long – but very hilarious – episode.


CAPE 140: Sex and Booze

The celebration of The Only Podcast That Matters continues as Chris, Jack, Andrew and Ryan gather for another hour of obnoxiousness.  The guys ponder how long they’d last in a zombie apocalypse, what they’d be willing to do for money if they were younger and fitter, negotiate the price of their nakedness, and explore New Jersey’s recent boom of breweries and distilleries.  Plus, some shameless stunts to lure sponsors into throwing some money their way (or at least some free goodies).


CAPE 139: The Ten Year Itch

The show’s run at A Shared Universe Podcastudio continues, and begins the celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Only Podcast That Matters!  That means Chris is joined by Jack as well as Andrew Rizzitello and Ryan Taggart in person(!) and it’s business as usual.  Weight gain, circumcision, beer, social media and general nerdiness abound in the first of several shows reuniting The Warriors of TheOnlyPodcast.comfor the first time, in person, in far too long.


CAPE 138: The Avengers, Not The Pre-Vengers

This week, Chris and Jack come at you live from A Shared Universe PodcaSTudio, which seems like the most appropriate place to discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers movies in particular.  Studio engineer Christian Cordes joins in on the chat about the MCU movies, the rise of online spoilers, Jersey mall culture, and dealing with jerks at the movie theater.


CAPE 137: Remembering Eddie Van Halen

Chris is joined by Jack, Ryan and Metal Jimmy (in his CAPE debut!) to talk all things Van Halen: from discovering the band to debating their best singer to the ending they’d hoped to see for this legendary and hugely influential band.


CAPE 134: Halloween-ish

Some believe September 1 is the start of Halloween season and while others believe it doesn’t start until October, Chris and Jack sort of split the difference by talking Halloween in late September.  The two consider the Halloween that could have been in 2020 and what it actually will be like.  Plus, what better opportunity to have yet another movie discussion than by talking about the seasonally appropriate genre of horror films, with some dark horse recommendations, scares from childhood and how they eventually became turned on to the thrills of scary movies.