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CAPE 118: The Only Podcast Reunion That Matters

Chris and Jack are joined by Andrew Rizzitello and Ryan Taggart for a virtual reunion of The Only Podcast That Matters! The boys get into what their partners have learned about them during quarantine as well as the stupidity of cancel culture, fact checking on Twitter and how Andrew ended up in Facebook jail for a week. Continue reading

CAPE 117: Boring Conversation Anyway

If you didn’t get the reference, we will inform you here that Jack wanted to talk about Star Wars and Chris was up for it. The conversation is based around the latest film trilogy of The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise Of Skywalker, as well as what the future may hold for the recent films and their place in the Star Wars legacy.

CAPE 116: The Restless Dreams Of Youth

The world has lost many luminaries since 2019 so Chris and Jack take this episode to discuss their impact. They share memories of how they became Rush fans while remembering Neil Peart, Chris tries convincing Jack to revisit Monty Python while discussing Terry Jones, the guys compare the styles of Pat Boone versus Little Richard, and they touch on the sudden and tragic losses of Kobe Bryant, Luke Perry and John Singleton.

CAPE 115: A Little Ditty ’bout Jack and Noelle (Part 2)

Chris and Jack continue down the road from Jack’s engagement to his wedding and beyond. Jack takes us through setting up the moment he proposed to Noelle, the drafting of the groomsmen, and some minor wedding hi-jinks in this conclusion (for now) to his own personal love story.

CAPE 114: A Little Ditty ’bout Jack and Noelle (Part 1)

Chris and Jack start with talking through their sleep troubles before moving on to Jack’s courtship with his wife Noelle. From their first date and meeting their families to traversing Hoboken and moving in together, Chris and all you listeners can finally hear how Jack fell for the love of his life. Well, the first half of it anyway.

CAPE 113: Nostalgia Is A Liar

In this episode that’s heavy on film discussion, Chris revisits movies from the 90s to see if they’re as entertaining as he remembers (only to be hugely disappointed), Jack catches up on old movies (both classics and otherwise), and there’s a not-so-timely tangent about the positives and negatives of this year’s Academy Awards.

CAPE 112: The Furlough Adventures of Jack DeFranco

Chris is officially joined by co-host Jack who’s fresh into his furlough with nothing else to do but watch TV and do podcasts. After Jack catches us up with what he’s actually been doing, the guys delve into various aspects of entertainment including why audiences jump on streaming trends, how cool it’s become to be disappointed by franchise finales, the recent obsession with true crime docs, and bratty people who want their “favorite shows” to remain on whatever streaming services they already have (and the easy solution to make sure availability is no longer a problem).

CAPE 111: DIY Business and Beyond with Bobby Borg

Chris is joined by business consultant and author Bobby Borg to discuss keeping yourself mentally tough during the pandemic, what the future of the music business could look like as life gets back to normal, and how artists can create new income streams in ways they may not have considered.

CAPE 110: On and Off The Road with Pete Murano

At long last, Chris finally catches up with his cousin Pete Murano, guitarist for Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Pete shares what it’s like being off the road and home in New Orleans for a straight month, the highs of touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers, meeting and opening for The Rolling Stones, the future of live music in light of the pandemic, and Chris subjects him to a round of Quarantine Questionnaire.

CAPE 109: Veronica Rizzitello Survived Coronavirus!

You read that right! Chris talks to registered nurse and fan favorite Veronica Rizzitello about coronavirus: her symptoms, the testing procedure, sticking it out at home and being realistic about what’s going on with this pandemic, all while laughing as much as possible about the absurdity. Stop reading and click play!