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CAPE 191: From Jersey To Bad Wolves with Doc Coyle

Chris talks one-on-one with Doc Coyle: guitarist formerly of God Forbid and currently of Bad Wolves.  The two Jersians weigh in on the existence of Central Jersey, recount the local music scene in the late 90s and early 2000s, and share their excitement for the return of live music.  Doc also talks about on the legacy of God Forbid, the importance of representation, opening for Metallica, touring with OzzFest, the new Bad Wolves album Dear Monsters and the origin of his podcast The Ex-Man with Doc Coyle.

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CAPE 190: Be Happy Or Be Right with ZouZou Mansour

Chris talks one-on-one with ZouZou Mansour, the heart and voice of Soraia.  The two discuss staying sane and engaged during last year’s quarantine, how performances look versus how they feel, and the importance of showing up for your ambitions everyday.  Zou Zou also shares her experiences of writing songs with Jon Bon Jovi and Steve Van Zandt, how the band’s first tour of Sweden came about, and Chris subjects her to a round of CAPE This Or That.

CAPE 189: May Contain Whiskey

Chris kicks off this week’s show with some announcements about the rest of the year, because there isn’t a whole lot of 2021 left. Then he opens up the archive to bring you two episodes of a whiskey tasting show which he and Andrew did back in May, along with Adam Reich in his CAPE debut. These never-before-released chats will boost both your liquor knowledge and happiness.

CAPE 188: Someone’s Ideal White Boy

The gang returns to A Shared Universe PodcaStudio as Chris, Ryan, Jack and Christian talk a lot about movies – terrible movies that are actually great, jokes they didn’t get as kids but now understand as adults, and why there aren’t too many memorable films these days.  Chris also digs into his return to the delivery app workforce, his parents’ recent change of heart and an incident at a restaurant that left him feeling old.

CAPE 187: FortyCast

This week is Chris’ 40th birthday, so he does a solo show to speak candidly about the turbulence of his 30s – the rise and fall of The Only Podcast That Matters, his difficult six year stint in Los Angeles, and getting to a point when he was ready to give up his creative pursuits – only to have so much come about in his 39th year in a way which gives perspective to all those experiences.  It’s a story (and an episode) 10 years in the making!

CAPE 186: Stupid and Contagious

Chris continues last week’s gathering with Andrew, Ryan and Jack to get nostalgic about the 90s.  The boys reminisce about defunct stores from their youth, lay out songs and bands they never need to hear again, remember their earliest albums, and Chris finishes the Nirvana rant he began in CAPE 182.

CAPE 185: A Christian Sandwich with Heathen Bread

Chris, Andrew, Ryan and Jack return to the studio without an engineer to keep them in line.  The guys get the full explanation about Andrew’s recent work injuries while Jack unveils his Ming Chen impression.  They also dig into the insane Texas abortion laws, dissect the definition of patriotism, and Chris airs out his grievances after being flagged by Facebook and TikTok.

CAPE 182: Crazy From The Heat

Chris reclaims his position as host and is joined by a packed house!  Ryan and Jack return along with Jon Beecroft and Joe Weber (Comics, Cartoons and Craft Beers podcast) plus Criss Madd (Engineer Criss Jr) as this sextet starts with ranting about Nirvana and babies, moving on to issues with customers and drivers, sharing their first concerts and albums, culminating in a few rounds of fighting about all manner of food subjects – all in an overheated studio in a building which also takes some shots.  Nothing is safe, especially not your ears.