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CAPE 156: Building The Universe with Ming Chen

At long last, Chris chats one-on-one with Ming Chen, star of AMC’s Comic Book Men and co-owner of A Shared Universe PodcaStudio.  In this lengthy episode, they do a deep dive into how Ming connected to Kevin Smith and became part of the View Askew crew, the events which led him to become a Jersey transplant, and how the Comic Book Men TV series came to be.  The two also share their perspectives on living in Los Angeles and celebrate the ways podcasting has opened up new worlds for them.  Ming is also the first victim of CAPE’s all-new Quarantine This or That!

CAPE 154: When Ornithology Goes Wrong

After chasing Andrew off the show with some ill-fated jokes at his expense, Chris follows up on his critter invasion from last summer.  He also finally shares some fan mail with Andrew and Jack, rants about the need for the recently passed stimulus, and the three rightfully tear apart the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for this year’s nominees and snubs.

CAPE 153: Snowed In

Despite a massive snow storm pummeling the East Coast, the show must go on!  Aside from pondering the sudden disappearance of Jack, Chris and Andrew introduce the world to yet another “Chris” who’s also an engineer.  Criss Madd joins in on the conversation to talk about his band Serious Matters and how the pandemic has affected their plans.   He also makes the other two feel like they’re aging too quickly simply by being young, and the three bond over surviving the New Jersey winters.

Oh, and Andrew’s other show can be viewed here.

CAPE 152: Fatherhood Forum

Chris gathers together a few your favorites to talk about the perils of parenthood.  Andrew, Ryan and Dan share their experiences with potty training, avoiding public embarrassment, flatulence etiquette and dealing with the repetitiveness of the same songs and TV shows being played over and over again.

CAPE 150: Chris and Jack’s 2020 Picks

In what is hopefully the last time anyone talks about 2020 for a while, Chris and Jack break down their favorite movies and TV shows from last year, along with a few to avoid.  Being them, they don’t just rattle off a list, they discuss their picks at length!  Plus, Jack recommends a few wrestling documentaries and Chris shouts out some albums which brightened up an otherwise dark year.

CAPE 149: WTF84

Chris is joined by Jack and Christian to have a spoiler-filled discussion about Wonder Woman 1984, two weeks after the rest of the internet shared their opinions.  Christian didn’t actually see the movie so enjoy his reactions as the boys share their thoughts.  There really isn’t much else to say without getting into spoiler territory so we’ll just stop the description here and encourage you to press play.

CAPE 148: …And A Happy New Year

2021 has finally arrived so Chris puts 2020 in the rear-view mirror with the help of Andrew, Ryan and Jack.  First, Chris announces the launch of the show’s Patreon page and breaks down those details, followed by a variety of topics including how the guys spent their Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, news stories which deserved more attention, and celebrities we lost in 2020.  Happy New Year to all!

CAPE: The Quarantine Questionnaire Collection

To round out the year that was 2020, Chris has compiled all the segments featuring The Quarantine Questionnaire, a selection of questions meant to give insight into the personalities of this year’s guests (with some rude and inappropriate questions peppered in as well) and to make the ongoing pandemic a little more fun.